Hueler Companies, Inc. and its affiliates* (together, the Hueler Companies), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1987 as a stable value consulting and data research firm. Today, Hueler Companies is a leading technology and research firm offering key resources for the analysis, research and implementation of stable value products.

Hueler Companies plays a very unique role as the industry’s only independent research organization providing data and systems to all market participants. The organization’s excellent reputation and relationships with key industry leaders has facilitated the building of consensus on critical industry issues and the development of systems that meet the needs of all market participants; investment managers, contract issuers corporate plan sponsors and consultants.

The comprehensive comparative data and systems provide customers with timesaving communication tools and market reports that provide valuable insights into all facets of the stable value marketplace. Investment professionals, industry leaders, and media representatives rely on Hueler’s data to analyze performance characteristics, product structures, portfolio management strategies, sales activity by contract types and volume, and 401(k) trends.

In 1987, K.H. Hueler Inc, began providing GIC/Stable Value consulting services to plan sponsors. The Hueler Analytics Stable Value Pooled Fund Comparative Universe, first made available to the marketplace in 1989, is recognized today as the industry standard for monitoring pooled funds and the stable value marketplace. In 1996, Hueler Companies, Inc. developed TRACE, a web-based software communication system for buyers and sellers of stable value investment products. The TRACE database contains over $300 billion in individual plan assets in a standardized format allowing for efficient reporting on aggregate industry statistics. The website is host to E-BID, the stable value industry’s first online turnaround bid-response system. The website also houses “FIRSTSource” Market Data, the market’s most comprehensive database of plan and managed stable value fund information.

In 2003, Hueler Investment Services, Inc. launched Income Solutions®, a web-based immediate fixed payment annuity purchase system designed as an IRA rollover option that allows individuals to purchase institutionally priced annuities with their rollover IRA assets. The Income Solutions® program was created specifically for “Transitioning Investors” (both active employees and retirees) who have reached a point in their lives where they want or need to convert a portion of their "nest egg" or retirement assets into a reliable income stream.

*Affiliates include K.H. Hueler, Inc., Hueler Analytics, Inc. and Hueler Investment Services, Inc.