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The Hueler Analytics Pooled Fund Comparative Universe

Hueler Analytics Stable Value Pooled Fund Comparative Universe is a customized database and portfolio evaluation system for collective trust funds investing in Stable Value instruments. Hueler Companies plays a very unique role as the industry’s only independent research organization providing data and systems to all market participants. The organization’s excellent reputation and relationships with key industry leaders has facilitated the building of consensus on critical industry issues and the development of systems that meet the needs of all market participants; investment managers, contract issuers, corporate plan sponsors and consultants.

The comprehensive comparative data and systems provide customers with timesaving communication tools and market reports that provide valuable insights into all facets of the stable value marketplace. Investment professionals, industry leaders, and media representatives rely on Hueler’s data to analyze performance characteristics, product structures, portfolio management strategies, sales activity by contract types and volume, and 401(k) trends.

Subscribers to the Universe include investment managers, plan sponsors, consultants, insurance companies, product providers and banks. While each subscriber may have a different interest or focus, they all benefit from a comparative analysis performed by an independent third party.

Participating Stable Value Funds

What’s Included in Our Reports?

The reports allow subscribers to compare key characteristics of nationally recognized pooled funds for purposes of fund selection, manager evaluation or underwriting review and analysis. The Comparative Universe report contains the following segments:

Market Commentary
  • A summary of the Stable Value rate environment, economic events, current rating agency and regulatory news.
Universe Profile
  • A composite analysis of Universe characteristics such as: performance, product diversification, credit quality distribution, client demographics and issuer allocation. The Universe Profile allows for efficient monitoring of the pooled fund marketplace as a whole, and allows a manager or an issuer to evaluate their business as it relates to the pooled fund marketplace. In addition, it allows a plan sponsor or consultant to evaluate their plan’s stable value fund as it relates to the pooled fund marketplace.
Stable Value Pooled Fund Index
  • The most broadly used stable value benchmark and has been for over 25 years. The index is an equal-weighted total return average across all participating funds in the Hueler Universe and represents approximately 75% of the stable value pooled funds available to the marketplace. All participating stable value pooled funds are available to investors through employer sponsored retirement plans. The index series dates back to 1983 and is produced on a monthly basis.
Fund Profile
  • A detailed description of a stable value pooled fund including: performance over time, diversification by type and size of plan, asset sector allocation and operating policies. The Fund Profile allows for effective monitoring and evaluation of a specific stable value pooled fund including: review of the current allocation on a fund at a contract level, review of the current percentage allocated to each of the various asset classes, and the ability to compare the underlying plan demographics.
Comparative Reports
  • Provide a visual display of all participating funds by such characteristics as performance, credit quality, instrument type, contract provisions, investment policies, fees and expenses and portfolio composition on a blind comparative basis. The Comparative Reports allow for effective monitoring and evaluation of a specific fund as well as close analysis of various investment strategies and developing trends across all funds.
Risk Assessment Summaries
  • A concise quarterly historical overview of important changes in a fund's return, cash flow, credit quality, product allocations, maturity structure, and a list of contract purchases and maturities. The consistent, yet uniform format allows for close monitoring without requiring a significant amount of review time.

Why Stable Value?

  • Principal preservation
  • Liquidity
  • Steady growth in principal and returned interest
  • Less volatility than bonds

Our database facilitates the timely production of quarterly reports. Standard packages are available or customized packages can be designed upon request to specifically meet your current needs.

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